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 Providing international coverage and a broad product portfolio Tarkett uses over 120 years of experience to provide integrated flooring solutions to professionals and the end user.

A worldwide leader
Founded in 1886, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in the flooring industry. The company provides integrated flooring and sports surface solutions to architects, facility professionals, contractors, distributors, installers and end users.

Tarkett works with many of the world’s leading architects and building professionals to provide a genuine service. As a result, Tarkett’s integrated flooring and sports surfaces solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural references.

Integrated flooring solutions to create the ultimate flooring experience
Tarkett provides integrated flooring solutions that cater to specific customer needs. Each flooring solution is unique and contributes to improving the quality of life for those who live, work or enjoy leisure activities on them.

While they offer better performance and lifetime returns for building professionals they provide comfort, wellbeing, security, confidence and inspiration to end users.

A broad product portfolio including vinyl, linoleum, laminate, wood, sports surfaces and accessories enable Tarkett everywhere in the world to create distinctive flooring experiences.

Tarkett flooring solutions all offer tangible functional, sensorial and ecological benefits for every project whether public, commercial, residential, a sports facility, a new construction or a renovation.

Tarkett creates durable, easy to install flooring solutions that offer outstanding cleaning and maintenance properties, thanks to unique surface treatments.

These high-performance floors offer the best productivity and lowest possible life cycle costs on the market, and deliver outstanding ROI for our clients.

Tarkett’s flooring solutions appeal to every sense, and create environments that put quality of life first. The diverse range of designs, colours and patterns always ensures the perfect choice, while excellent acoustics and underfoot cushioning provide comfort and wellbeing.

Tarkett continually looks for new ways to increase the content of recycled materials in its flooring solutions and has constantly introduced new ways to avoid the waste of raw materials.

Tarkett’s slip-resistant and static control products raise levels of building safety, while the low VOC emissions of the products contribute to better indoor air quality.

Tarkett also designs its products for the lowest possible use of water, detergents and energy for cleaning, so reducing their environmental footprint.


  • around 8 600 employees
  • 28 production sites
  • 50 Sales and marketing companies
  • Sales in over 100 countries
  • Over 1 million m2 of flooring sold everyday

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