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Dancing the Light Away


Glen Iris School of Dance

Glen Iris School of Dance was established over 10 years ago initially catering to kinder children in small classes. Over the years the school has grown in size and the nature of classes offered has expanded.
The recent relocation and new floor of the dance studios was undertaken to ensure the school maintains the high standard of facilities it can offer for students of dance and performing arts.

Tarkett Danceflor was chosen as it has been used by the Australian Ballet since 1981, to provide a comfortable and safe floor, giving dancers the perfect balance between a non-slip surface and one that allows free movement for all forms of dance.

In the Glen Iris School of Dance the Tarkett Dancefloor is installed over a sprung timber floor, “Biltflør”, manufactured & installed by Show Works. The Danceflor has a cushion back which assists in reducing the strain on muscles and tendons, which combines with the sprung timber floor base to provide the ideal flooring for the dance school.

The other benefit of Tarkett Danceflor is the ease of cleaning to keep the floor looking as good as new for years to come. The light entering the dance studios reflects off mirrored walls and a subtle sheen of the floors matte finish is visible in the space when the flash of the photographer’s camera goes off.

Tarkett Danceflor not only presents and maintains well, but it is phthalate free and has extremely low VOC levels which are virtually undetectable and not harmful to the health of dancers using the space.

The installation of Tarkett Danceflor in the studios of the Glen Iris School of Dance has created an inspiring space to cater for generations of dancers to come.