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Eco attitude

Environmental awareness is a constant thread through current trends.  It reflects the desire to make positive choices that are better for the planet on an ecological, economic and ethical level. It doesn’t have to be about minimalism or all organic, everything natural or recycled.  Everyone can adopt their own form of eco-attitude whether it’s through technology or craft, or everyday gestures such as recycling, turning off the lights - consuming better rather than consuming less.

On a larger scale, that’s exactly what Tarkett does. Every detail of the life cycle of our products is analysed - from the choice of raw materials to, consumer attitudes, to recycling – to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. Our product design is continually revised for longer life and greater flexibility, with less waste and more use of recycled materials. In addition, with products such as iQ Natural and Linoleum we’re using more and more renewable and natural raw materials. The result is floors with eco-attitude from start to finish.