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Foch hospital, Suresnes (France)

The comforts of home to overcome anxiety and pain

In partnership with the Grégory Lemarchal foundation, the redesigning of the respiratory medicine/cystic fibrosis unit in the Suresnes hospital was planned and carried out in 2008.

"In addition to the skills of each individual, it was the determination and willingness of all involved that helped us succeed in our challenge, one that was so close to Grégory's heart. On the one hand, we wanted to make this unit a showcase unit, but we also wanted to personalise the space to create a sense of comfort and reassurance, like what you'd find in your own home."

The main building of Foch hospital, set into the hills of Mont Valérien, is 'T'-shaped and rises over 10 levels.
Located in the south wing of the fourth floor, the Cystic fibrosis unit has undergone a successful facelift. Working alongside Acczent Compact, Tarkett played an active role in this process by meeting the quality-driven requirements of patients and families.

When you have to spend up to a year in hospital… the biggest imperative is to feel welcome

Large red poppies brighten up the walls, two-tone doors open onto rooms with soft lighting and unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower. The Respiratory medicine unit of Foch hospital in Suresnes has been assigned new premises.
The new interior layout at Foch was part-financed by the Grégory Lemarchal and Vaincre la mucoviscidose (Beat cystic fibrosis) foundations, to the tune of almost €500,000.

"Patient stays are frequent and long, so it was important to recreate an atmosphere that was both peaceful and familiar, one that would allow patients to feel "at home"," states Françoise Vidal, Nursing manager of the Respiratory medicine unit.

For Olivier Douceur, Nursing manager at Foch, who participated in the redesigning of the unit consisting of 24 specialised beds for cystic fibrosis and lung transplants, "the choice of material and colour was very important for patients' morale".
"We followed the advice of an interior designer and also Anne Ewald, an art therapist who has a lot of experience working closely with patients."

The bright walls decorated with posters and splashes of colour bring a sense of freshness and airiness to the whole look, while the floor, in PVC imitation parquet, also adds to the "reassuring and intimate ambiance". A synergy of sensations which creates the impression of a home from home.

"We wanted to offer patients everything that Grégory had missed out on during that whole period," explains Laurence Lemarchal, Grégory's mother. "We wanted to offer all patients the option of a comfortable living environment where they would not feel like they were in hospital," continues his mother, who is deeply involved in the activities of the foundation. The foundation itself has monitored the project from beginning to end.

Each bed is now also equipped with a touch screen that offers patients a variety of different multimedia services, including television, radio, Internet, webcam, video games, hospital services, etc.
“It's all geared towards making the time spent at hospital pass more quickly,” adds Laurence Lemarchal.
Some patients remain in the unit for almost a year, for example, before and after a lung transplant procedure.

Finally, the corridor, rooms, lounge and recreational area were decorated with care by a professional interior designer, who offered her services free of charge. “We wanted to create a little warmth. We're not talking luxury here and it doesn’t cost any extra,” Laurence Lemarchal states.
The medium oak brushed colour Chêne brossé moyen (ref. 3763026) was chosen for its realistic, modern effect.
A worn parquet floor has been shown to provide a feeling of warmth which is lacking in a place like this. The specific, homely charm of the wood effect immediately creates a sense of intimacy and brings a feeling of “family” to the unit. And what's interesting is that we get more enjoyment from walking on a vinyl floor than we did on tiles. Everything is more peaceful and serene!

Project facts
Country: France
City: Suresnes
Type of project: Hospital
Main contractor: Foch hospital
Fitting company: GOBIN
Installer: Gobin
Tarkett products installed: Acczent Excellence