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iQ Optima, the original design

Tarkett, floor, iQ Optima

Trends change, icons remain.

The hallmark of a true classic is its ability to remain original. iQ Optima is the original that never stops improving, a true classic that is the preferred choice of designers for over 30 years.

Broad design palette

Tarkett, floor, iQ Optima, lounge

■ A selection of 64 colours including 33 renewed references, and 3 linear patterns.
■ Original, the timeless design available in a variety of neutral shades as well as brighter colours - perfect for lively spaces.
■ Mono, an entirely new pattern with more delicate shades, developed to complement quieter environments.
■ Essence, a rough and natural texture with grey and black hues.

Comprehensive range

Tarkett, floor, iQ Optima, hall

■ The comprehensive range enables designers to create complete co-ordinated design to flow seamlessly between ambience and functions.
■ A full range of accessories plus colour welding rods.
■ A multi-format approach compatible with acoustic, slip-resistant and static-control environments.

Next-generation surface treatment

Tarkett, floor, iQ Optima, patient room

■ The new iQ surface treatment offers best-in-class resistance against chemicals and stains.
■ A unique dry-buffing surface restoration technology.
■ Together they protect colours, patterns and technical capabilities, keeping iQ Optima new for life.