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Powerbond® Hybrid Resilient Range

Tandus Powerbond offers all the benefits of resilient flooring with the aesthetics and comfort of carpet. It features a nylon pile fused to a closed-cell cushion backing to create an integrated, impermeable floor covering. Seams can be cold welded to create a seamless, impermeable flooring, ideal for health and aged care applications.

Tandus Powerbond has over four decades of proven performance and carries a 25 year warranty when installed by Tarkett accredited installers*. A huge range of design possibilities and backings is available making Powerbond the perfect flooring choice for a wide variety of commercial applications.Powerbond is a uniquely designed and engineered hybrid resilient floorcovering combining the best attributes of closed cell resilient flooring with the best attributes of densely tufted soft-surface flooring. The resilient closed cell cushion backing (medfloor) of Powerbond is the DNA that delivers superior performance and provides an impermeable layer or wall-to-wall moisture barrier between the nylon surface and the sub-floor.

Environments exposed to high levels of foot traffic, soiling, spills (or even flooding) require a ‘hybrid’ flooring such as Powerbond, making it the ideal flooring choice for Healthcare facilities, Aged Care facilities and Educational facilities.

Powerbond is easy to maintain and has low VOC’s which contributes to improved air quality. Acoustic benefits and improved thermal performance within spaces can be achieved with Powerbond, and the extensive palette of colours and designs available ensures there is a Powerbond product to complement any environment.

For more information about Powerbond or to find a Powerbond accredited installer

*contact your Tarkett representative or call Tarkett on ph: 1300 851 484.

  • A linear pattern of mixed tones creates the look of variegated light and brings a serenity to any space

  • An organic pattern which imparts a soft hand made feel wth its mixture of patterns and tones 

  • The ebb and flow of ocean waves creates an unexpected geometry in the sand as the waters recede. Lasting only moments, this randomly structured pattern is captured in Atoll.

  • An organic pattern of half tone hues captures the movement of light through a breeze. The mood is light and airy

  • Inspired by nature, the interweaving pattern of branches and leaves provides a feature on a subtle background

  • An alluring complex interplay of texture, pattern, lustre and colour, Consequence II is a patterned solid for sophisticated impact

  • Mottled colours with a brighter hue combine in a subtle pattern, to create a fresh and welcoming ambiance

  • Combining floralized, botanical and classical elements in beautiful nature inspired colourways, Elora evokes a revival of wellbeing and contemplation

  • Earthy tones in various colourways creates a textured appearance providing a neutral base for any decor

  • A combination of soft curving leaf-like lines against a linear background in multiple tones creates warmth and comfort

  • A soft tone on tone all over pattern provides an eye catching alternative to solid colour

  • The delicate flowing branches of the coral-like motif create an organic serenity

  • Fine lineal pattern in soft tones inspires calm and tranquility

  • A long, beautiful yet bold palette, with a tight sleek finish with a 21st century lustre make this the perfect accent to define and divide spaces and create unique zones

  • A soft stipple all-over effect creates a positive flourish of energy to any space

  • Soft botanical elements in nature inspired colourways suggest inspiration and positive energy

  • Combining all over mottled colour with elegant diamond patterns of soft edged lace like design is both classic and sophisticated

  • Long soft leaf like fronds highlighted by darker edges imply subtle movement through a neutral linear background

  • Long soft leaf like fronds highlighted by darker edges imply subtle movement through a neutral linear background

  • This range pays homage to the wonders of the planet, combining elements of intricate, complex structures found in oceans, forests and mountain ranges