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Be part of Tarkett's product stewardship programme, ReStart, in Australia and indeed throughout Europe and around the world. The concept of regeneration is now intrinsic to our way of life and Tarkett’s commitment to continually improve processes and reduce negative impact on nature has never been stronger.

ReStart is our terminology for regeneration, where post installation and clean end of life vinyl waste is reformulated and then manufactured back into new flooring. ReStart means just that, without any ambiguity regarding what actually happens to recyclates.

No need to organise disposal of Tarkett flooring off­cuts.

Simply join the Tarkett ReStart programme

• Telephone Tarkett Customer Service and request special ReStart collection bags. T: 1300 851 484

• Collect post installation off­cuts or roll­ends of all Tarkett ranges, ensuring that it is as clean as possible,
• Collect end of life Tarkett branded vinyl products, ensuring that no building product debris is attached to the vinyl waste.

• When ReStart bags are full – call the Tarkett Customer Service for collection from site.

• New ReStart bags are delivered on collection of waste.

• Waste is taken back to Tarkett to be sent to factories for recycling in vehicle and shipping containers that would otherwise be returning empty.

• Reusable waste includes: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, PVC sports floors, welding rods and end of rolls.

• This service is designed for onsite collection at large/medium contracts, or direct from a collection point at the contractor’s premises.

• This service is designed for Tarkett products only.

Tarkett ReStart is at the forefront of the flooring industry because we have the total commitment of our workforce, efficient logistics, advanced technology, rewarding partnerships and the encouragement of knowing that our impact on the environment is ever decreasing.

Aim high with us – join the Tarkett ReStart programme and make a tangible, down to earth difference.

Act now, contact Tarkett Customer Services Department
on: 1300 851 485 or email:

Our Sustainability Strategy is based on the “4P” model – Purpose, People, Planet and Profit – and enables us to positively contribute to addressing challenges related to population growth and demographic changes: urbanization, aging population and resource scarcity. This is clearly reflected in our commitment to developing solutions that improve the quality of indoor air and people’s well-being, but also to regenerating and reusing our products at their end of use, thus participating in building a profitable circular economy powered by the Cradle to Cradle® principles.