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Safety Floors

Picture of <em>Safety Floors</em>

  • A crucial part of flooring comfort is safety under foot.
    In some areas there is an increased risk for slip and fall injuries, and the right flooring can prevent most of them.
    The unique safety features of Granit Safe.T provide a slip resistance rating of R10. It is recommended for use in healthcare premises, schools, leisure areas, shops and similar commercial...

  • A vibrant colour palette to suit any environment
    Safetred Spectrum is a heavy traffic vinyl flooring ideal for applications where both slip resistance, attractive design and ease of maintenance are key considerations.
    Available in vibrant colours, enhanced by complementary coloured chips and silicon carbide particles, Safetred Spectrum provides an attractive design...

  • Safety where safety counts!
    Safetred Universal is a tough durable safety flooring for use in any heavy duty application where safety underfoot is a priority, including ramps and wheel chair areas.
    The selection of 16 fresh shades will complement any interior colour scheme.

  • Safety first!
    Safetred Universal Plus for more demanding areas. Busy commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and workshops can require a higher level of slip resistance.
    The answer is Safetred Universal Plus, available in 9 popular colours, with the added benefit of an R12 slip resistant rating.

  • Best in Class Functional Performance
    The Premium range allows you to plan your entire project within one collection, combining all required functions - Acoustic, SD and/or Safe.T - together with matching colours.