Design & Performance Combined in our New Heterogeneous Vinyl Collections

Design & Performance Combined in our New Heterogeneous Vinyl Collections

With the new heterogeneous vinyl flooring collections -- Excellence & ProtectWALL--, Tarkett is unveiling a full range of floor and wall solutions designed to enhance people’s wellbeing. The collections have been designed to meet the most demanding technical and health requirements for healthcare, aged care and education facilities while combining design, resistance and durability.

Maximising the benefits of Light

Light plays a major role in any space, and contributes to people’s wellbeing. Bearing in mind the specific needs of Schools, Hospitals and Care Homes, Tarkett’s Design Studio drew inspiration from three of light’s benefits – beneficial, natural and smart – to develop these new vinyl flooring collections. The new collections were designed to generate wellness and warmth in any space, revitalise and infuse energy, and encourage interaction and social connections. Excellence & ProtectWALL collections offer a full spectrum of colours, patterns and textures to create unique atmospheres.

Mix and match floors and walls

Tarkett’s new matching collections for floors, walls and their accessories were designed to offer architects, designers, professionals and customers at large a complete solution for use throughout an entire building. Each design and pattern can be adapted and combined, offering a complete, efficient and harmonious design solution. The creative possibilities are infinite: mix and match hues and patterns across floor coverings, and combine them with wall solutions, to create bespoke, original and modern interiors.

A solution for every need

Excellence: the largest colour and design selection

Designed to withstand intense daily wear, Tarkett’s Excellence is particularly adapted for floors in Schools, Hospitals and Care Homes as well as Stores and Shops, Hospitality locations and Offices. Excellence offers the largest colour and design range on the commercial heterogeneous market today. Architects, designers and professionals can choose from 250 options available in attractive and innovative hues and patterns to mix and match and ultimately create unique ambiences from floor to wall. Excellence's high matte finish softens light reflection off the flooring for both a more realistic look and additional occupant comfort. Excellence is available in compact, acoustic, tile and loose-lay profiles.

ProtectWALL: find the perfect match with your floors

This wall covering protects and keeps walls in Healthcare, Education and Hotels in long-lasting, good condition. ProtectWALL's clever designs mask scratches. It absorbs shocks and is easy to clean, including stains, using a simple cleaning product. Significantly reducing renovation costs compared to paint, ProtectWALL sustainably maintains the new look of walls and doors in rooms and corridors. Enjoy multiple creative possibilities with 50 references that are all compatible and coordinated with Excellence range. There is also a dedicated version for clean rooms.

100% phthalate-free flooring solutions

Last but not least, all of these collections are 100% phthalate-free. Since there have been doubts in the scientific community on the potential impact of Phthalates on human health, Tarkett selected plasticiser alternatives that are approved for food containers and toys for young children. The 100% phthalate-free Heterogeneous Vinyl collections are designed to enhance occupant wellbeing and comfort. The new collections also contribute to good indoor air quality, which is crucial as people spend 90% of their time indoors. For floor and wall coverings, this means keeping volatile organic compounds to a strict minimum. In Excellence and ProtectWALL, the level of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) is very low, over 100 times lower than the EU standard EN-ISO 16000-9. The new collections are also fully recyclable and eligible for Tarkett’s ReStart programme.

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