Optima Multisafe

Safety Floors / Wetroom System
Optima Multisafe
Key features
  • CodeMark certified
  • Studded, slip-resistant P2 grip
  • Waterproof installation
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain
  • Part of a multi-solution offer
  • Matching weld rods available

Optima Multisafe is a studded safety floor to help prevent the risk of slipping in heavy-traffic wet areas in schools, hospitals and public buildings. An anti-slip grip provides a high level of protection for bare feet, even when the floor is covered with soap and water, while its reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance. The 12 colours coordinate with the other products and accessories of the iQ Optima multi-solution family.

Technical and environmental specifications
Case studies with Optima Multisafe
AZ Alma - Eeklo, Belgium
AZ Alma - Eeklo, Belgium
Eeklo, Belgium

Tarkett provided all of the floors for brand-new AZ Alma hospital in Eeklo (Belgium). iQ flooring solutions were particularly suited to the hospital's requirements.