More Than Human

DESSO Serene & Serene Colour

More Than Human

In this age of extremes, where technology enables us to do the impossible while simultaneously pushing us and demanding our availability 24/7... how do we stay grounded? How do we keep tethered to our thoughts and minds and to each other? How do you create a work environment that empowers people to get the best out of themselves?

By going full circle and embracing technology in everything we do.

Developing the DESSO Serene & Serene Colour office carpet tile collections for the workplace, our designers took inspiration from science and new technologies. How we as biological beings respond and react to our surroundings. How a heartrate rises and falls with the change of colours, how respiration and body temperature change at the touch of fabric, the sound of feet.

This all comes together in carefully crafted carpetecture of soft yet tactile and 100% recyclable tiles that give architects and designers unprecedented control of a space’s visual layout and atmosphere. With soft, quiet and welcoming colours in organic patterns, this collection brings tranquillity and sustainability to any workplace, allowing us to feel serene.

Can you feel it? Let’s get to work...

The Collections

DESSO Serene

Available in a rich palette of 9 neutral tones, Serene scales from cool, calming shades to warm and friendly hues. Serene appeals to the senses, with each of its unique components embodying tactility, and most importantly, offering adaptability.

DESSO Serene Colour

Complementing the organic nature of Serene, Tarkett’s DESSO Serene Colour collection allows for complete design flexibility. Comprising 8 accent tones, designers can opt for a more understated scheme, made up of pared back shades, or choose to inject vibrancy through a seamless evolution from Serene to Serene Colour.

Create fluidity between individual spaces

The DESSO Serene Colour matches one side perfectly with a neutral design from the DESSO Serene collection. This allows for colour to be built as desired, and ensures a connecting fluidity between individual interior spaces.

DESSO Serene & Serene Colour - Circle

A sustainable carpet tile solution

100% recyclable in our own Carpet Recycling Centre

DESSO Serene and Serene Colour are 100% recyclable in our own carpet recycling centre.

In Europe, around 1.6 million* tonnes of used carpets go to waste every year. Less than 3%** of carpets sold are collected for recycling. In a world of growing resource scarcity and climate change, Tarkett launched its own carpet recycling centre where the two principal components of carpet tiles – yarn and backing - can be cleanly separated.

Our EcoBase backing is 100% recycled in our own production process and the polyamide 6 yarn is returned to our partner, Aquafil, to be regenerated into ECONYL® yarn.

Restart® take-back and recycling program

Our commitment to the circular economy is a promise to accompany you on your sustainability journey every step of the way. One of our key circular economy initiatives, our global take-back and recycling program ReStart, offers you the opportunity to return your recyclable flooring to us to make new floors.

100% ECONYL® yarn

The DESSO Serene & Serene Colour collections contain 100% ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn, made from recovered waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet yarn from our carpet recycling centre.

Human Conscious Design™

Tarkett Human-Conscious Design™ is our pledge to stand with present and future generations. To create flooring and sports surfaces that are good for people and for the planet. And to do it every day.

We deliver on this through the synergy of three commitments:
1 Deep human understanding
2 Conscious choices. For people and planet
3 With you. Every step of the way

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