Multicoloured Weld Rod – Make Joints Disappear

Multicoloured Weld Rod – Make Joints Disappear

Weld rods are used to fuse two sheets of vinyl together at the joints and are available in all sorts of colours. They can emphasise, contrast, or completely merge with the product around them. 

•    Seamless appearance
•    Perfect aesthetic finish
•    Tough and durable sealed finish

At Tarkett, we know it’s all in the details when it comes to achieving a high quality finish. That’s why our product team created multi-colour weld rods. A major innovation in achieving a superior look in any vinyl install, multi-colour weld rod’s blend seamlessly with the material either side, hiding joins to create a unique visual appeal. Not only are Tarkett vinyls available with matching multi-colour weld rod, but all sheet vinyl products are supplied in 2m rolls, meaning each Tarkett project covers more area with less joints.

Extensively tested Tarkett’s multi-colour and uni-colour welding rods provide exceptional strength at the joins creating a high quality seal without compromising the visual appeal of vinyl products.

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