DESSO & Patricia Urquiola carpet tile collection with graphic patterns

DESSO & Patricia Urquiola

Step into the world of high-tech graphic softness

Richly textured and imaginative, the new DESSO & Patricia Urquiola carpet tile collection combines the tactile quality of textiles with the visual appeal of graphic patterns. 100% recyclable, with an impressively low circular carbon footprint of 1,03 kg CO₂/m² , this new collection is available in twelve distinctive colours.

Desso and Patricia Urquiola for the new carpet tile collection from Tarkett

Tactile Textile: A grand gesture

Taking inspiration from woven textiles, Patricia Urquiola infused this new collection with the expressive details and invitingly soft qualities of knitwear and woollens. Wanting to depart from the organic lines so abundant in interior design nowadays, Urquiola took further cues from textiles like tweed and bouclé and opted for a decidedly graphic pattern.

DESSO and Patricia Urquiola graphic carpet tiles for workplace

Rising to three dimensions

Through masterful handling of colours in a gridlike formation, Urquiola has successfully provided the floor tiles with a sense of depth. This striking visual effect gives the floor a soft and textured look— a three-dimensional appearance sure to elevate any space.

DESSO and Patricia Urquiola soft and textured carpet tiles

Collaboration in creation

A successful collaboration between a designer and manufacturer needs only one thing: the two parties genuinely sharing knowledge, experience, curiosity, and the determination to create a beautiful and unexpected collection.

For Urquiola, dialogue and an open exchange of ideas were fundamental in her collaboration with Tarkett. Exploring, researching and experimenting side by side: Patricia Urquiola and the designers from Tarkett worked together closely to make this technologically advanced collection a reality.

Shared Responsibility

Tarkett and Urquiola shared a common vision right from the start: to create a carpet tile collection with the lowest possible environmental impact. The result: a collection that is 100% recyclable and records an impressively low circular carbon footprint of 1,03 kg CO₂/m².* 

Colour Range

colourful and graphic carpet tile collection for new spaces

DESSO & Patricia Urquiola

Richly textured and imaginative, the new DESSO & Patricia Urquiola collection redefines comfort, sophistication, and sustainability.

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* According to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) S-P-08561 – DESSO & Patricia Urquiola externally verified by Bureau Veritas, based on the total carbon footprint (Modules A-D) with a closed loop circular recycling scenario.