Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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Our BIM files, created by the leading experts in the industry, are now available for free. Our aim is to simplify your design process by providing you with 3D files in the formats you need on the platforms you use.

Modular Carpet

Leading brands with over 85 years of experience in manufacturing high quality carpet tiles. Heavy duty commercial carpets ideal for use in workplace and education environments.

DESSO AirMaster
DESSO AirMaster Sphere
DESSO Traverse
DESSO Fuse, Rock, Salt & Tweed
DESSO Essence & Essence Maze
DESSO Essence Stripe & Essence Structure
DESSO Fuse Create
DESSO Jeans Original, Stonewash & Twill
DESSO Reveal
Tandus Arbor
Tandus Bold & Globe
Tandus Carpet Tiles
Tandus Sprout

Heterogeneous Vinyl

Available in both acoustic and compact versions, heterogeneous vinyl floors offer creative solutions for commercial use. Tarkett heterogeneous vinyl floors feature a patented surface treatment, TopClean XP, for extreme durability and easy maintenance.

Acczent Excellence 80
Meteor 55

Homogeneous Vinyl

Compact homogeneous vinyl flooring is a tough and ultra-durable solution for heavy and very heavy traffic areas, especially recommended for applications in healthcare and education for their resistance and ease of cleaning.

iQ Eminent
iQ Granit
iQ Granit Acoustic
iQ One
iQ Natural
Primo Premium
Eclipse Premium

Indoor Sports

High performance sports floors that provide athletic protection and enhanced performance, as well as extreme durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Omnisports Excel
Omnisports Reference
Omnisports Speed

Safety Floors

Vinyl floors designed to withstand heavy traffic, lower maintenance costs and prevent accidents by ensuring overall safety for areas that present a risk of slips and falls.

Granit Safe.T
Primo Safe.T
Safetred Design
Safetred Ion
Safetred Spec
Safetred Universal
Safetred Universal Plus

Static Control

Tarkett static dissipative and static conductive flooring offers a flexible, high-performance solution to keep sensitive environments such as operating theatres, computer rooms and electronics safe.

iQ Granit SD
iQ Toro
Primo SD


Vinyl wallcoverings protect walls in heavy traffic areas against impacts, shocks, scratches and stains. Flexible and easy-to-install, they help to lower repair and maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls over the long-term.

Aquarelle Wall
Aquarelle Wall HFS
ProtectWall 1.5
ProtectWall 2.0
Wallgard 1.3
Wallgard 2.0

Wetroom System

An integrated solution of flooring, wallcoverings, borders and a full range of accessories including drains, threshold strips, sleeves etc. for a perfect waterproof and hygienic finish.

Granit Multisafe
Optima Multisafe

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