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In a healthcare environment, operating rooms, patient rooms, or high-traffic areas have very different requirements. Safety and infection control must take into account the slip resistance of floors and the ease of cleaning and maintaining surfaces. We have taken some of the complexity out of the process by highlighting the best solution for each area.

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Hospital Flooring Requirements

Enhancing the Patient & Staff Experience

A soothing, restful environment is essential to healing. The importance of physical comfort and quiet are well known, but what about the less well-known psychological factors that are often greatly influenced by design. Medical and hospital staff quality of life at work can also greatly be influenced. Reducing the feeling of “institutionality”, improving orientation and spatial awareness, and visual comfort are just a few of the ways good design can transform the healthcare environment.

Designing Efficient and Cost-Effective Buildings

An efficient and cost-effective building must fit all of its purposes. Particularly as millions of patients are affected by nosocomial infections each year. Tarkett is working to raise awareness of the role that clean floors can play in preventing these infections. So when designing a healthcare facility, there are many factors to consider to select the floors: • smooth and easy-to-clean and maintain • low-slip and easy-to-move rolling loads over • durability • repairability to optimise your initial investment

Promoting Health and Sustainability

Sustainability and eco-responsibility are now essential considerations in hospital design. The topic is both fascinating and complex, with hospitals already facing many technical, regulatory, social, and economic constraints. Meanwhile, environmental concerns require us to find new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of these buildings. For several years, Tarkett has been involved with this subject, which we feel particularly strongly about. We have adopted a virtuous circle approach all throughout the life cycle of our products.

Healthcare Design Trends

Biophilic Trend

Biophilic design aims to connect humans with nature to reduce stress among patients and staff. Access to natural light, large openings to green spaces help make that connection. Numerous scientific studies have suggested that visual exposure to nature reduces patients’ stress and also pain.

Homelike Trend

Homelike design humanizes hospitals to help create soothing, intimate spaces that protect privacy and dignity, contributing to a positive patient journey. This can be achieved through familiar materials and patterns to reassure the patient.

Graphic Trend

Graphic design creates intuitive, playful and easy to live in spaces through the creative use of graphic elements, colours, and contrasts for clear wayfinding and playful atmospheres. It’s a great way to communicate, orient, and distract.

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